The Village Club Membership
The Village Club, for the parishioners of Puttenham and Wanborough, was formally established by the Main Club Committee in October 1920.

The Village Club

The Village Club was formally established by the main Club Committee in October 1920.

This finally resolved the long-standing wish of the Countess Visconti to provide a golf course for local people in and around the village, and solved rights of way issues which had dogged the Club since its formation in 1894.

Membership was restricted to parishioners of Puttenham and Wanborough, as is the case today. The Village Club has a total allocation of 30 adult members (male or female) and five juniors.

Village Club members receive a special discount off the Full Membership subscription, however they have no voting rights in the main Club's AGM or EGM.

The Village Club has its own Committee and Accounts. The current President of the Village Club is Martin Bramley and the Captain for 2023 is Roy Wyeth.

There are vacancies in the Village Club for parishioners, however to be eligible for Village Club membership you must have lived in the village for a minimum of 2 years. Please contact the main office on 01483 810498 for further information

Category Joining Fee Subscription Fee EGU/EWGA Fee Club Swipe Card Payment Total Including Joining Fee
Village Club 7 Day - Men & Ladies £450 £1530 £20.50 £125 £2125.50


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