On Course Personal Safety Guidance
It is important to be mindful of potential hazards on a golf course so below is information to keep you safe while playing at Puttenham Golf Club

On Course Personal Safety Guidance

Like many active sports, golf can be a dangerous game and there are numerous associated hazards. Although injury while playing golf is rare players are expected at all times to be aware of dangers to both themselves and others. These guidance notes aims to reduce the risks from these hazards by drawing your attention to the following simple and common sense measures, which promote a safety culture for the benefit of us all.

ALL accidents and incidents MUST be reported to a member of the golf club staff so that the appropriate documentation may be completed.

Puttenham Golf Club recommends that you take your mobile phones in your golf bag on to the golf course purely so they can be used in an emergency. However, please keep them either switched off or in “silent” mode while playing.

If you require an ambulance while on the course please phone the Emergency Services on 999 and after answering their questions about the casualty, direct them to the Puttenham Golf Club Clubhouse (Our postcode GU3 1AL). Once you have completed the call to the Emergency Services please then phone the Clubhouse on 01483 810498 (or get a playing colleague to call) so club staff can look out for the ambulance and direct them to your location.

All players are expected to adopt golfing etiquette by not playing a golf shot if there is the remotest chance of injuring someone, or by walking in front of a fellow competitor or partner prior to them playing a shot.

Golf Course Topography, Steep Banks, Slopes & Paths: Be aware of hazards that relate to the typical topography of a golf course in regards to slipping, tripping and falling. Always look for the safest routes when walking particularly when off the prepared playing surfaces. Avoid walking up or down steep banks whenever possible. Keep a safe distance from any ditches and ponds and where ground levels fall away. In wet or inclement weather, you should exercise extra care as steps, mats, paths and slopes may become slippery, particularly in wet or frosty conditions.

Footwear: Puttenham Golf Club requires that golf shoes are to be worn on the golf course as they help with avoiding slips. In the winter Puttenham Golf Club recommends the use of metal spikes and not soft spikes.

Animal Holes: Puttenham Golf Club endeavours to fill in holes created by animals; however it is inevitable that there will be rabbit holes etc. that can lead to sprained ankles or worse. Please ensure you take extra care when you are walking in areas of rough, trees or undergrowth. If you see a hole please let the office know.

Buggies: Puttenham Golf Club has buggies available for hire. Apart from these, the use of an individual’s own motorised ride-on buggy is permitted only by prior application to the Secretary/Manager. To help protect the course all buggies should follow pathways and designated routes whenever possible, be kept away from greens and tees and avoid being driven through wet areas in winter time.

Fertiliser and Insecticides etc: Do not lick golf balls or fingers. A noticeboard on your way to the 1st Tee will advise of days that chemicals have been used. Players are advised to take heed of the warnings and protect themselves.

Greenkeepers: *The green staff regularly work on the course when golf is in progress and always take priority over golfers. Please be careful and courteous to them and ensure that they are aware of and have acknowledged your presence prior to playing in their proximity.

Winter Course Opening: In the winter, during periods of dark mornings, we operate a daily course opening time to help protect both golfers and greenstaff. This time is advertised on the weekly What's On noticeboard on the exterior wall at the side of the clubhouse as you walk to the 1st Tee. The course opening time is approximately 20 minutes before the official sunrise time as listed in the Club Diary and play should not commence before this time.

* Puttenham Golf Club provides free third party liability insurance to its members and visitors while playing at Puttenham. However, all golfers must ensure that they are adequately insured in respect of the risks involved with the playing of golf.

Driving Range: To ensure the safety of all users of the practice area please only hit balls from the marked bays and please be aware of other golfers using adjoining bays. Under no circumstances should golfers venture onto the practice ground to collect golf balls, this is strictly prohibited.

Wildlife: Players should be aware that there is a potential threat from wildlife such as wasps, bees and other biting insects on the course. Players are also advised that there are currently three beehives located beyond the copse of trees to the left of the 3rd green and they should not be approached. There have been some rare sightings of snakes on the golf course, and therefore in the unlikely event that you suffer a venomous bite, urgent medical attention should be sought immediately.

*Lightning & Fog: *Bad weather conditions present a hazard not only to the enjoyment of a round of golf, but to your physical safety as well. No fool proof system exists to predict precisely when and where severe weather conditions, including lightning, will strike. Therefore conveying notice to every individual on a golf course cannot be guaranteed.

Consequently, it is up to each individual to be responsible for their own safety whilst on the golf course and to make appropriate decisions including taking suitable cover in bad weather. However, in the presence of an imminent lightning threat play will cease immediately and players must proceed in accordance with Rule 5-7d of the Rules of Golf. Players MUST then seek safe shelter either at the halfway hut or by returning to the clubhouse until the threat has passed.

If fog descends on the course after you have commenced play and you cannot be sure that the way ahead is clear then you should discontinue play in accordance with Rule 5-7d of the Rules of Golf.

The Company do not accept responsibility or liability for any accidents or injuries resulting from weather related events where players have ignored the stated Club policy.