Full Membership

*Full Membership at Puttenham Golf Club is now Closed and there is a Waiting List. *
(We do have a few vacancies available for lady golfers, for further details please email enquries@puttenhamgolfclub.co.uk)

If you are keen to have your name added to our waiting list please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

A non-refundable charge of £50 will be made to add you to the waiting list which will be deducted from the Joining Fee when you are offered membership.

As Puttenham Golf Club has members renewing their memberships every month of the year, compared to annual single date renewals that other clubs adopt we envisage anyone in the top 20 of the waiting list will be offered membership within 12 months.

If you haven't be invited to join after being on the waiting list for a six month period you will be able to enjoy a round of golf at Puttenham Free of Charge.

Membership fees from 1st January 2022 for Full Membership categories are listed below.

Category Joining Fee Subscription Fee EGU/EWGA Fee Club Swipe Card Payment Total including Joining Fee
Full Membership Men & Ladies £500 £1400 £19.50 £125 £2044.50
Age 29-30 Men & Ladies £360 £999 £19.50 £125 £1503.50
Age 26-28 Men & Ladies £280 £785 £19.50 £125 £1209.50


Puttenham Golf Club, The Heath, Guildford, England, GU3 1AL